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Dashawataar is a traditional art form which is very popular in Kokan region. Local artistes play various roles and mythological stories are represented in front of audience. In old days, every village used to have its own Dashawataar troupe. However, due to lack of interest shown by the young people, numbers of troupes are on the path of decline.

To promote the traditional art form of Dashawataar, Lupin Human Welfare and Research Foundation (LHWRF) organized training in village Kariwade. Participants were given training on – tradition of Dashawataar, various characters, Make-up, Drapery etc. for 10 days. After completion of the training, troupe presented their art in front of the villagers. Artistes gained confidence and also got cash prize of Rs. 4000/- from the audience.

With support from Lupin foundation and encouragement by the villagers, artistes formed their own troupe – Shri. Dev Helekar Dashawataar Natya Mandali. The troupe started performing its shows in different villages. In 2017, troupe earned Rupees one lakh through the shows. Some artistes from village have joined other troupes.

Thus revitalizing traditional art form of Dashawataar has opened new avenues to earn livelihood in Sindhudurg district.

Artist’s Testimonies

“I was attracted to Art and always wanted to be a commercial artist. I joined the training conducted by LHWRF for Dashawataar. It was quite an experience. We were trained in tradition of Dashawataar, characters, make-up and drapery. With the newly trained crew we did our first show at our village. It was a hit. Our villagers liked it very much and we received cash prices too. Since then we haven’t looked back. Our Dev Helekar Dashawataar Natya Mandali is well established and now we get invitations from many placed to perform. Our crew earn decent income."

Thank you very much LHWRF for showing us the way
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