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  • Tushara ShankarTushara ShankarHead- Corporate Social Responsibility,
    Lupin Limited and LHWRF

    Ms. Tushara Shankar is the Head – CorporateSocial Responsibility at Lupin. She oversees the company's CSR initiatives and the Lupin Human Welfare and Research Foundation in various parts of India to ensure holistic and sustainable development.

    Tushara has extensive experience in program development and operations in the social development sector. Having worked with organizations including Corporates, NGOs, Government, and UN-led programs, she has implemented projects on water conservation and safe drinking water in variousstates of India, a women empowerment programin Kashmir Valley. She has launched the NationalRural Health Mission(NRHM) in Jharkhand. Before joining Lupin, Tushara was responsible for CSR and ExternalRelations activities at Reckitt Benckiser. She has also been associated with United Breweries, Godfrey Phillips India, Catalyst Management Services, ORBIS International, Usha Martin, and Praxis.

    Tushara holds a Master'sdegree in SocialWork from Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS), Mumbai, specializing in Urban and Rural Community Development.

  • Mr. Yogesh RautYogesh RautHead – Livelihoods

    Yogesh leads the livelihoods program at Lupin Human Welfare and Research Foundation. The program focuses on building sustainable livelihoods for the poor across the select district of Rajasthan, Maharashtra, and worksites.

    Yogesh has been working with the foundation for over twelve years anchoring major programs and partnership development efforts. He has rich experience and technical expertise in implementing Natural Resource Management, Livelihoods, and Skill Development.

    He holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Management from S. P. Jain Institute of Management and Research Mumbai and a B.Tech. in Agriculture Engineering.

  • Mr. Nachiket SuleNachiket SuleHead - Lives

    Nachiket leads the Lives (Healthcare) program, which is aimed at providing preventive and curative services to rural communities of Rajasthan and Maharashtra.

    Nachiket has previously worked on implementing and evaluating health programs, conducting research and managing data systems. He has over 13 years of experience working with organizations like Tata Trusts and Cipla Foundation. His areas of interest include Mental Health, Nutrition and Respiratory Health amongst others.

    He holds a Master's degree in Health Administration from Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai and a Bachelor's degree in Homoeopathic Medicine.

  • Ved Prakash SharmaVed Prakash SharmaRajasthan State lead

    Ved oversees program implementation in Rajasthan and leads our promoted sister concern, Mata Shri Gomti Devi Alwar. He has over 25 years of experience in community development. He has expertise in Livelihoods, Women Empowerment and Natural, Resource, Community Based Watershed Management, Micro Finance, Health & Education. He has been associated with various leading organizations in Rajasthan and served internationally & nationally funded projects, namely DFID, UNDP, DPIP, NABARD, Watershed Development Program, etc.

    He has been with the foundation since 2007 and is responsible for the overall planning, budgeting, liaisoning, and operational coordination of various community development programs for the Alwar Center.

  • Mr. Anil GuptaAnil GuptaSenior Manager, District Development Centers

    Anil anchors program implementation at our District Development Centers. The district development program focuses on engaging strategically to facilitate holistic development and understanding of challenges and aspirations in select Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, and Rajasthan districts.

    He provides technical guidance and support for the implementation of cross-sectoral programs. His key strengths include managing and coordinating different natural resource development programs, business development, and liasioning with other agencies and stakeholders.

    He has over 19 years of experience implementing various rural development programs and holds an M.Tech (Agri Engg) from Pantnagar University.

  • Mr. Venktesh SheteVenktesh SheteSenior Manager, Worksite Centers

    Venkatesh anchors program implementation at our worksite centers. Our Worksite Center program catalyzes development efforts to enrich the quality of life and livelihoods of communities. He also leads field-level monitoring and evaluation of development programs implemented by LHWRF and programs supported by our funding partners.

    Venkatesh has over 20 years of development experience, with a forte in designing, direct implementation & impact evaluation of livelihood & holistic development programs through a focus on natural resource development, agriculture, animal husbandry, and women empowerment. He has always focused on identifying and promoting new technologies and successful models in rural areas to create a meaningful impact on rural lives.

    He holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Management from S. P. Jain Institute of Management and Research Mumbai and a B.Tech. in Agriculture Engineering.

  • Mitali SarkarMitali SarkarManager, Human Resources

    Mitali leads the Human Resource and Admin operations at Lupin Human Welfare and Research Foundation. She oversees the entire function and anchors the development, improvement, deploying, and operationalizing of HR systems and processes.

    She is a human resource professional with 15 years of hands-on experience in the Manufacturing, Service, Education, and Development sectors. She holds expertise in Strategic Management, Compensation and Benefits, Performance & Employee Evaluation, Talent Acquisition, Conflict Resolution, Training, and Staff Development.

    She holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management specializing in Human resources.

  • Asif Alam MazumderAsif Alam MazumderManager, Communications

    Asif oversees the communications initiatives at the Lupin Human Welfare and Research Foundation (LHWRF). With over 12 years of experience in various social development sectors, he has developed a comprehensive understanding of digital media, content development, designing, public relations, and marketing.

    Asif has a proven track record of executing successful communication strategies for various organizations, leveraging both digital and traditional media to reach wider audiences. He has experience in managing all aspects of communications, from developing compelling content to executing and evaluating campaigns, to ensure that the messaging is consistent and effective.

    Asif holds a master's degree in journalism and mass communication from Aliah University in Kolkata and a Bachelor of Science degree from Don Bosco College, Northeastern Hill University (NEHU) in Tura, Meghalaya.

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It has come to the notice of Lupin Human Welfare and Research Foundation (“LHWRF”) that some individuals/ organizations portraying or holding-out as being authorized representative of LHWRF or in some way permitted or acting on behalf of LHWRF are approaching general public by luring them with promises and/or seeking financial contribution or payments. The members of the Public are misled by such fraudsters into falsely believing that payments are envisaged under the CSR policy of LHWRF and/or solicited by LHWRF.

LHWRF has not appointed or engaged any third-party whether individual or any other entity as an agent or to represent LHWRF in any capacity, for any financial dealings. Members of the Public are cautioned against believing such persons/ entity and parting with any money whether as fees, donation or any other nomenclature. Such persons by making such representations are illegally attempting to cash in the impeccable reputation and Social standing of LHWRF. We caution public at large to beware of any such individual / entity portraying to be associated with LHWRF, under any capacity.

We recommend and advise Public at large to be vigilant and refrain from having any dealing with such individual / organizations. We further suggest and recommend that before dealing with such imposters and/or responding to any advertisements, telephone calls and/or emails, to protect themselves against any potential fraud, by ensuring :

Please note that any person dealing with such individuals and/or entities will be dealing at his/her own risk and responsibility. LHWRF and/or any of its Group Company or Affiliates will not be responsible for any loss suffered or otherwise in this respect.

Issued in Public interest and caution

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