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Sectors of Interventions

The Lives program focuses on improving the availability, accessibility, and utilization of healthcare services to the marginal and deprived populations with structured efforts.

The vision of the Lives program is

The Vision

Improve health outcomes and the quality of life while strengthening the healthcare system.

The Mission

To serve local communities through preventive, curative, and support-based solutions focused on curing diseases in the short term and reducing their prevalence in the long term.

The Mission

Around 12.2 Lakh families benefited from healthcare interventions largely COVID relief during 2020-21.

The foundation is critically committed to work, addressing Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and Cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) is an irreplaceable building block of our Lives strategy.

The lives’ program aims to improve the screening, treatment, awareness generation and management of CVD and COPD in the selected geography of Maharashtra and Rajasthan. The program strongly focuses on prevention of these NCDs through raising/increasing community awareness to efficiently control the prevalence in partnership with government.

Pillars of our Livelihoods Program:-

  • Strengthening the primary healthcare system, including the provision of equipment such as Radiant Warmers essential for newborn health care.

  • Upgrading infrastructure at Primary Health Centres (PHCs) and Anganwadi Centres (AWCs) to ensure quality service delivery.

  • Bridging the gap in-between communities and service providers to gain timely access to nutritious food, medicine, and vaccinations.

  • Driving community behavior change through mass awareness campaigns and health check-up camps for better health outcomes.

Strategic partnerships and systematized efforts have been instrumental in maximizing the impact of our work and enriching the lives of grassroots communities. Know More about Our Partners.

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