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LHWRF wins 2nd prize for Farmer Income Enhancement at FICCI Sustainable Agriculture Summit & Awards 2022.

LHWRF signed a MOU with Government of Rajasthan formalising the partnership and commitment to work for over five years, to strengthen healthcare for CVDs and COPDs in Alwar district.

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Positively Impacting Lives and Livelihoods of Underserved Marginalized Communities

Lupin Human Welfare & Research Foundation (LHWRF) is the social responsibility arm of Lupin Limited, founded by Dr. Desh Bandu Gupta in 1988. In its journey spanning over three decades, the foundation has covered over 1.45 million beneficiaries in over 5000 villages in 23 districts spread across nine states in India.

Over the years, the foundation has largely focused on building sustainable livelihood opportunities and triggering economic growth in some of the most backward and underdeveloped districts of India. It has adopted a family-centered approach and initiated measures that help them break the vicious circle of poverty, positively impacting their lives and livelihoods.

Key drivers of economic development have been structured long-term programs and interventions in the areas of agriculture, animal husbandry, women empowerment, and rural industries.

In order to ensure that economic development is substantiated by social upliftment and an improvement in quality of life, the organization has been working relentlessly in the areas of health and education at the grassroots level. Structured efforts have been made to upgrade the local infrastructure, build awareness, catalyse positive behaviour change and facilitate access to healthcare services for the most marginalized and underserved communities.

The foundation works extensively with various government and non-government partners, international development agencies, and like-minded philanthropic organizations to mobilize additional resources and extend its reach to several more isolated and underserved populations, covering a large majority of landless tribal, scheduled caste, and minority populations in target geographies.

Strategic Areas of Work

The livelihood program is a critical and instrumental element of our development efforts over the last decade. Driven to create a profound impact, the livelihoods program focuses on creating sustainable solutions for the poor and needy. Capacity building, skill development, natural resource management, strengthening grassroots value chains, and improving farmers’ access to markets are vital elements of our Livelihoods strategy.

Lives program focuses on enriching communities’ quality of life and ensuring better access to healthcare services. Strategic engagement to strengthen health systems addressing Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and Cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) is an irreplaceable building block of our Lives strategy.

Annual Report

Annual Report 2021 - 22
Annual Report

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Impact Assessment Report
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