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Mr. Ramesh, a small farmer from village Dahgava (Bayana block, District Bharatpur, Rajasthan) is a happy man now. Thanks to the horticulture programme introduced by Lupin Human Welfare and Research Foundation (LHWRF) in his village.

Ramesh was cultivating his 6 bighas land using traditional agriculture techniques. He was earning Rs. 40000/- per year. It was very difficult for Ramesh to manage his family with such meager income.

Year 2012 brought turning point in Ramesh’s life. Lupin Foundation introduced Guava cultivation programme in the region. LHWRF staff explained benefits of horticulture and motivated Ramesh to take up guava cultivation. LHWRF gave training and procured guava saplings from Lucknow. Ramesh cultivated guava plants on 1.5 bighas of land. Hard working Ramesh looked after guava plants like his children. Guava production started from fourth year, which gave him steady income.

Today, Ramesh is earning annual income of Rs. 120000/- by selling guavas in the market. He is no more worried about his financial conditions. Ramesh has become role model for other farmers who are also taking up guava orchards.

Farmer’s Testimony

“I have only 6 bighas land. I used to do traditional farming. The income was variable, never certain. It was around 35 to 40 thousand rupees. Life was hard. One day I came across the information of guava plantation activity supported by LHWRF. I was willing to try it. I knew income from fruit selling will be good. I decided to do guava plantation on 1.6 bighas. I was trained and supported by LHWRF. First three years were difficult. I had to take care of the plants like children. My orchard started fruiting in fourth year. I am selling the production locally and at nearby markets. Now I am making Rs. 120000 per year. Other farmers from my village come and visit my orchard. I am very proud of it. I help them as much as I can.LHWRF has made my life and livelihood better.”

Thank you very much LHWRF.
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