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Mrs. Sunita Soni, a resident of Sanchi village of Raisen district of Madhya Pradesh was desperately trying to manage her family expenses. Her husband was running a medical shop without having proper business capital so a very low income. They were trying very hard to keep up the earnings with the expenses. As her children stated growing the family needs increased. It was very difficult for Mrs. Sunita to meet all the needs of the family. She was desperately looking for away.

In 2012, Lupin Human Welfare and Research Foundation (LHWRF) organized Self Help Groups in Sanchi. At first instead of seeing it as an opportunity she saw it as an additional expense of Rs. 100 per month!!! Fortunately LUPIN staff cleared her all doubts and showed her the potential of SHG. Experts from the LUPIN FOUNDATION trained the SHGs and help them open bank account for future bank linkage. Her SHG started saving Rs.100 per member regularly. They started lending money to group members at very low interest rate. They meet small financial needs of group members by themselves. Seeing this progress Indian Bank sanctioned them a small loan. SHG repaid the loan in time. This built up the confidence of the bank and the bank stated giving loans to her SHG one after other. Her SHG repaid the all the loans in time. With the loan amount she helped her husband with the business capital. With proper supply of medicines in his shop is making a profit of Rs.10000 per month. This is more than enough to take care of her family needs. Now she is thinking to start her own business in near future.


“Initially I had doubts about joining the SHG, but Lupin Foundation staff cleared my all the doubts. I joined Sitaram SHG along with nine other women of my village. We started saving Rs. 100/- per month. Meetings of the group were held regularly and records were kept meticulously. We were lending the money in the group. Seeing our transaction record, Indian Bank sanctioned first loan for the group. We repaid it on time. After that, our SHG has received loan from the bank for five times. In total, I borrowed Rs. 95,000/- from the group. I invested it in our medical shop. I was regularly repaying the installments. Now our monthly income has increased to Rs. 10000/-.”

“Days of worrying for my family are over. Now I am able to give good education to my children. Our life got totally changed since I joined the SHG. I am also grateful to Indian Bank for showing confidence in us and I am very thankful to Lupin Foundation for their guidance and continuous support."

Thank you very much LUPIN" FOUNDATION!!!
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