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Village Nande is situated about 20 km from Pune city. The village has about 654 families with a population of 2,452. The village has drinking water supply from an open dug well. However, there was a niggling concern over safe drinking water. About 10% families from the village who were economically well placed had domestic water purifiers, but poor families were not able to afford these water purifiers and as such subject to water-borne diseases, especially during monsoons.

Having looked at the situation and having discussed it with the Gram Panchayat, women SHG’s and the community at large, the Lupin Foundation proposed a install a community-based water-purifier system in the village. It was decided to provide a decentralized drinking water solution for the village by using ATM cards at affordable prices for the villagers. The Foundation provided the system while the Gram Panchayat contributed by constructing a room to install this purifier system. One local person was trained to operate and maintain the records of this system for its smooth operation.

Now, 115 families are using safe drinking water paying Rs 50/- paisa per litre. The collective average daily usage of safe water by these families is 900 litres, an average of 8 litres per family. The water ATM purifier has helped poor families get safe drinking water at lower costs. The percentage of water borne diseases in the village has also reduced significantly. Monthly income of the Gram Panchayat by selling water is Rs 13,500/-. The money collected by selling this water is being used for maintenance of the system and paying honorarium to the operator. This innovative concept of using ATM cards has helped the village become self- sufficient when it comes to safe- drinking water as well as created a new revenue stream for the Gram Panchayat.

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