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Sandhya and Monica are aspiring to be teachers, Ayura and Ekata Kumari are vying for engineering field, while Nupur has chosen to become IAS officer. There are many such students who have been counseled for their careers. This counselling is done through career guidance centre for matriculate students set up by Bharatpur LHWRF.

Many students who pass matriculation examination are clueless about their careers. They either select streams imposed by their parents or follow their friends. Very few students are able to select careers of their liking.

Identifying the need of young students, LHWRF has started this Career Guidance Centre in collaboration with Development Assessment Counselling Centre of New Delhi. Through this centre 1260 students from various schools have been counselled about the various avenues available for them.

Hundreds of students were specially screened through various tests like natural ability, personality testing, self-motivation, mental ability and personal liking. The students were advised about their hidden talent. It has helped students to select various streams like medicine, veterinary, fashion designing, accountancy.

Career Guidance initiative is helping students to select career of their own choice.

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