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Buffalo rearing has helped Gobandi Devi to come out of clutches of poverty and live a stable secure life with dignity. Gobandi and her family, who hail from the village of Rajpurbada in Alwar district were classified as a below- the- poverty- line family. They owned just 2 bighas of land which was rainfed. The agriculture produce was insufficient for the family to sustain itself through the year. They had no option but to work as daily wage labourers.

In the year 2008, Lupin Foundation, Alwar organised village women in the district and formed Lakshmi Self- Help-Group (SHG). Gobandi joined the group and started attending meetings regularly. Ten members started saving Rs.100/- per month. Group members discussed about various alternatives for economic empowerment. The group decided to rear buffaloes.

Lupin Foundation provided training to women on dairy development. Lakshmi SHG was linked with the bank and the banks in-turn provided loan to the group members to purchase their first buffalo. In 2012, another loan of Rs.25,000/- each was made available with the assistance from the Rashtriya Mahila Kosh. Gobandi and other members purchased a second buffalo of the Murrah variety. Lupin Foundation also helped group members insure their buffaloes.

Explaining the economics, Gobandi said, “On an average I get 9 litres milk per day from each buffalo. I spend about Rs.125/- per buffalo on cattle feed. Sale rate for milk is Rs.40/- per litre. On an average I earn a profit of Rs.12,000/- per month from two buffaloes.

“My husband has started a sweet shop, he uses milk from home and is earning Rs.9,000/- from his business.”

“Dairy development has improved our financial condition considerably and we don’t have to work as daily wage labourers anymore. Our children are going to good school. Thanks to Lupin Foundation for showing us the right path and guiding us to becoming economically self- sufficient.” says a happy Gobandi.

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